How To Make Moving And Finding Rentals Smooth And Hassle Free?

Posted by Paul Hong // December 20, 2018 // Blog // buy / easy / home / homeowner / lease / move / moving / rent / rental / smooth

Moving from one place to another can be so tiring and expensive that many people continue to live in the same place for a very long time. They fear all the hard work involved with moving and then finding a new rental in a faraway place. But just because moving can be exhausting does not […]

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Busting Myths Associated With Renting

Posted by Paul Hong // December 13, 2018 // Blog // agreement / buy or rent / home / homeowner / invest / lease / living / real estate / rent / renting

Home ownership has got a cult status in the minds of most men and women and renting has earned a bad reputation. However, renting should not be taken as a necessary evil as it provides flexibility and the much-needed living space to millions of men and women around the country. There are many myths surrounding […]

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Process Of Filing Claims Lawsuit Against Your Renter Or Landlord

Posted by Paul Hong // August 23, 2018 // Blog // court / documents / homeowner / landlord / law / plaintiff / rent

Small claims court is one safety net that can be used by both landlords as well as renters against each other. It helps them to keep each other in check, preventing them from violating the rules. Landlords can file a lawsuit in case of nonpayment by their tenants Similarly, a tenant can sue his landlord […]

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