Things To Do When Buying A Home In 2019

Posted by Paul Hong // December 27, 2018 // Blog // 2019 / buying / costs / family / home / homeowner / invest / mortgage / new years / real estate / realtor

Buying your own home can be a very proud and rewarding feeling for you. Here are some important things to know and do to make your home buying exercise smooth and hassle-free.   Look at your credit score All lenders analyze your credit report to check your trustworthiness. They will offer a low-interest rate if […]

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Reasons Why November Is Great To Sell Your Home

Posted by Paul Hong // November 1, 2018 // Blog // buyer / for sale / home / investment / november / property / real estate / realtor / seller

Most homeowners believe spring and early summer months are best to list and try to sell their homes. However, these owners will be surprised to know that November is another great time to sell homes. Here are 3 top reasons why selling your home in November is such a great idea.   You face little […]

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How To Sell Your Home Quickly

Posted by Paul Hong // August 2, 2018 // Blog // asking price / buyers / fsbo / home / home for sale / homeowner / real estate / realtor / sell

Different people sell their homes for different reasons. No matter what the reason behind your selling, you want the exercise to be quick and smooth. Selling your home through traditional means can be long and cumbersome. You might have to wait for several months before getting the amount in your bank account. Like everyone else, […]

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Understanding Real Estate Forms

Posted by Toni Burghardt // October 3, 2016 // Blog / Buy A House / Featured / Sell A House // buy and sell real estate / real estate cintracts / real estate contracts / real estate forms / realtor

Understanding real estate forms is one of the most important aspects of buying and selling real estate. This is especially important for first time home buyers. When you reach out to a realtor to buy or sell a property there is a multitude of paperwork involved. Outlined below is the most common and important real […]

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