Things To Do When Buying A Home In 2019

Posted by Paul Hong // December 27, 2018 // Blog // 2019 / buying / costs / family / home / homeowner / invest / mortgage / new years / real estate / realtor

Buying your own home can be a very proud and rewarding feeling for you. Here are some important things to know and do to make your home buying exercise smooth and hassle-free.   Look at your credit score All lenders analyze your credit report to check your trustworthiness. They will offer a low-interest rate if […]

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Busting Myths Associated With Renting

Posted by Paul Hong // December 13, 2018 // Blog // agreement / buy or rent / home / homeowner / invest / lease / living / real estate / rent / renting

Home ownership has got a cult status in the minds of most men and women and renting has earned a bad reputation. However, renting should not be taken as a necessary evil as it provides flexibility and the much-needed living space to millions of men and women around the country. There are many myths surrounding […]

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Understanding The Psyche Of Gen X Buyers

Posted by Paul Hong // August 9, 2018 // Blog // gen x / home / home buyer / homeowner / invest / investor / real estate

Most of the attention of the homeowners and real estate agents these days has been on Millennials. But in their excitement, they are conveniently forgetting about Gen X generation that is making a strong comeback in the housing market. There are many reasons why realtors should take note of this interesting trend.   Gen X […]

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5 Essential Tips For Those Who Seek To Sell Or Buy Property Using Cryptocurrency

Posted by Paul Hong // June 28, 2018 // Blog // buy real estate / crypto / cryptocurrency / home buyer / home owner / invest / investor

Cryptocurrency has emerged as the hottest trend to buy and sell in the real estate industry, and while it packs up some powerful benefits, the use of digital currency in the real estate market can be tough and challenging. Buyers and sellers need to do their research and make sure they are well-protected before engaging […]

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The Developing Boom Of Crypto Payments In The Real Estate Industry

Posted by Paul Hong // May 24, 2018 // Blog // bitcoin / blockchain / crypto / cryptocurrency / homeowner / invest / real estate / real estate investing

It appears that cryptocurrency real estate payments have garnered a great deal of reliability, and experts have been increasingly pointing on documented transactions allowing people to conduct real estate exchange with digital currency. Needless to say, cryptocurrency’s advent into the real estate industry is definitely being felt.   Benefits of Investing in Property with Bitcoin […]

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Real Estate Tech’s Game-Changer

Posted by Paul Hong // April 26, 2018 // Blog // bitcoin / California real estate / cryptocurrency / home / invest / real estate / realtors / tech

Real Estate Tech’s Game-Changers Silicon Valley has welcomed yet another job addition, of a data scientist, an individual responsible for generating leads from complicated algorithms, applying micro-targeted marketing strategies and using virtual currencies for business transactions. It appears that stockbrokers are also adapting to the new technologies to propel their businesses and clients into a […]

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The Art Of Embracing Homeownership At A Young Age

Posted by Paul Hong // April 19, 2018 // Blog // homeowner / homeownership / invest / realestate / young

The Art of Embracing Homeownership at a Young Age Owning a home right out of college may seem like an unachievable or unrealistic dream, but if you plan your financial future carefully, you can achieve it and a lot more. It is absolutely true that a single and young individual tends to have a much […]

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