Things To Do When Buying A Home In 2019

Posted by Paul Hong // December 27, 2018 // Blog // 2019 / buying / costs / family / home / homeowner / invest / mortgage / new years / real estate / realtor

Buying your own home can be a very proud and rewarding feeling for you. Here are some important things to know and do to make your home buying exercise smooth and hassle-free.   Look at your credit score All lenders analyze your credit report to check your trustworthiness. They will offer a low-interest rate if […]

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How To Make Moving And Finding Rentals Smooth And Hassle Free?

Posted by Paul Hong // December 20, 2018 // Blog // buy / easy / home / homeowner / lease / move / moving / rent / rental / smooth

Moving from one place to another can be so tiring and expensive that many people continue to live in the same place for a very long time. They fear all the hard work involved with moving and then finding a new rental in a faraway place. But just because moving can be exhausting does not […]

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Busting Myths Associated With Renting

Posted by Paul Hong // December 13, 2018 // Blog // agreement / buy or rent / home / homeowner / invest / lease / living / real estate / rent / renting

Home ownership has got a cult status in the minds of most men and women and renting has earned a bad reputation. However, renting should not be taken as a necessary evil as it provides flexibility and the much-needed living space to millions of men and women around the country. There are many myths surrounding […]

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Learn From Millennial Experience: 7 Tips For Buyers

Posted by Paul Hong // December 6, 2018 // Blog // buyers / diy / home / homeowner / investor / technology

Millennials are the young adults of the population born between 1980 and 1986. These men and women aged between 22 and 37 are buying homes at a pace not seen before. They have broken the myth that homeownership is difficult for Millennials because of student loans and fiscal imprudence. Here are 7 top tips from […]

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Energy Savings From A Smart Home: Myth Or Reality

Posted by Paul Hong // November 29, 2018 // Blog // home / homeowner / myth or reality / smart homes

There is a lot of buzz surrounding smart home appliances these days. People talk about smart features of thermostats, geysers, washers and dryers all the time and energy savings that they make possible. Experts say that these smart home appliances can not only make life more convenient but also save money for you.   Before […]

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Tricks That Will Make Your Small Living Space Appear Large

Posted by Paul Hong // October 25, 2018 // Blog // diy / family / furniture / home / homeowner / living space / space / storage

If you are the owner of a small home having little living space, there is no need to feel bad or inferior. Properties have become very expensive and owning a house having thousands of sq ft of living space can be very difficult in present times. There are many designing tricks that can help you […]

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11 Plants That Can Help In Cleaning The Air Inside Your Home

Posted by Paul Hong // October 11, 2018 // Blog // air / breathe / clean / clean air / home / homeowner / house plants / Plants

Plants always give a bright and green look to a home. Do you know there are also plants that can help in cleaning the air inside your home? You spend lots of your free time inside your home. Have you ever given a thought to the quality of air inhaled by your loved ones inside […]

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Why Electrical Projects Are Not Advisable As DIY?

Posted by Paul Hong // October 4, 2018 // Blog // diy / electric / electrical / fixerupper / home / homeowner / housework / safety

There are some home improvement projects that you can take up as DIY projects without a second thought. But this is certainly not the case with electrical repair project. It may be tempting to do the job yourself instead of calling an electrician in a bid to save your money. But there are many solid […]

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Difference Between Home Insurance And Home Warranty

Posted by Paul Hong // September 27, 2018 // Blog // claims / home / homeowner / insurance / life / san diego / warranty

Home insurance and home warranty are two tools of home protection. Both have different features and offer different types of home protection. As a homeowner, you should be aware of the coverage you are getting before deciding in favor of one of these home protection tools.   Just like insurance of your car, insuring your […]

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You Must Avoid Certain Plants To Have A Fire Safe Garden

Posted by Paul Hong // September 13, 2018 // Blog // Garden / Gardening / home / homeowner / house plants / plant / Plants

There are some types of plants having low moisture content or high oil content. The plants can prove dangerous for your home in case of a fire in your garden.   Homeowners living in regions at risk of wildfires become concerned during the summer season. You should have knowledge of the plants that are inflammable […]

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