How To Make Moving And Finding Rentals Smooth And Hassle Free?

How To Make Moving And Finding Rentals Smooth And Hassle Free?

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Moving from one place to another can be so tiring and expensive that many people continue to live in the same place for a very long time. They fear all the hard work involved with moving and then finding a new rental in a faraway place. But just because moving can be exhausting does not mean you can give up on a new opportunity that you are getting in another state, isn’t it? Erica Warren and Cici Harrison have successfully moved from New York to Portland where they are living in their new rented home. Here are some tips from the couple to make sure that moving exercise, and finding a rental, becomes smooth and easy for you.


  1. Move light by giving the responsibility to a full-service moving company

Erica Warren and Cici Harrison are happy that they gave the responsibility of packing and moving to a company when moving from Brooklyn to Portland. The company packed all their household items inside a cubicle and stored this cube until the couple found a new rental in Portland. They moved all the items to Portland where they were received by Erica and Cici at their new rented place. If you are not sure how long it will take to find a new rental, it is a wonderful idea to allow your moving company to look after your household items and send them at your place once you are settled.


  1. Look around at the available options

Once you reach the new place, it is a good idea to look around at several homes matching your requirements. You will understand the dynamics of the housing market and find a place that you will love to live in. Erica and Cici searched for a beautiful home for 2-3 weeks before realizing that the first home they saw was the best place for them.


  1. Be flexible with your requirements

Keep in mind that it is impossible to find a rented place that is ideally suited to all your requirements. Be prepared to make compromises here and there and you will find that searching a new rental is not that difficult or tiring exercise for you. If a home seems to be expensive, it must have extra features like an extra bedroom or a yard. Ultimately, you must keep your budget in mind to finalize a home that is affordable for you.


  1. There is no shame in accepting help from your friends

Erica and Cici stayed at the place of one of their friends in Portland that made their job of searching for a new rental very easy. You can ask for favors from your friends in the new place to make your search for a new rental easy and smooth. In fact, your friends can make your search easy through their acquaintances.


The new rental you get in the new place may not be perfect in every sense of the word. but you will make your moving exercise really smooth and hassle-free if you follow these tips.

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